Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I See the Bridge

Long ago
when I was small
I rolled in sweet grass and picked daisies.
I skipped down the street
without fear of falling and ran up the stairs
never stopping
to catch my breath.

The Bridge was far away.

I grew to be a young woman
and forgot about the grass and the daisies.
Life was calling me to fall in love
and I did.

A family was born and grew
and I forgot about the bridge
until one day my Father died.
I looked out the window that day and

The Bridge was getting closer.

Then my children’s little ones were born
and our family grew.
Life seemed to be starting all over again
I was so involved with new life everywhere
until one day, one misty day
while fixing my hair in the mirror
a vision floated in the background
a vision of the bridge
with footprints of those who walked across
soft impressions on the dust
reminding me.

And so I try to live each day with “Yes”
on my lips
making memories, making time to love
to pick the daisies that can only smile
so briefly
and promise not to rush this life away
because I really do
see the Bridge.

Joanne Cucinello 2007


  1. I see it too...After caring for my parents for several years, then having them both leave the living within 2 weeks of each other...I think it would be impossible not to see it.

    The bridge woke me up and sent me in another direction. I have spent my life raising my children as a single mom and caring for my parents. The bridge, hovering in the background, has made me begin to focus on me... I think, this is my time to grow.

    Blog Lady Dee
    Blog Lady Elle

    PS I love your images.

  2. Hi Blog lady Dee,
    Thanks for leaving your comment. Sounds like you're moving on to where you have to go now . . . time to find yourself again. It's time now. i wish you well and send you blessings.


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