Thursday, February 7, 2008

Give Eve a Break Already!

Adam and Eve?
Give Eve A Break Already!

It’s been a really long time to bear the burden
of bringing DEATH into the world,
don’t you think?
How many centuries still have to pass
until I’m exonerated?
The story reads . . .
that everything was just fine and dandy
and going along real great,
till “Curvy” went and popped the apple on the scene.
Adam didn’t have to lift a finger back then.
Everything just bloomed all year round.
No need to hunt or fish,
no need for football games,
no expense accounts, money or bills.
Just chill out!
Everything was free and at our fingertips.
We were going to live forever . . .
never get old or wrinkled,
never have to work for a living,
never get sick,
never need Prozac . . .
just live happily ever after.
And then . . .
I blew the whole thing with an apple
and I’ll never, never, never hear the end of it,
not me
not any of my daughters . . .
till the end of time!

I guess one of us had to take the blame . . .
and since Adam
was the one
. . . .

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