Friday, June 13, 2008

The Man In the Moon


On the dark side of the moon, he lives,
where seeds of time now slumber
And there he roams its canyons deep
in search of motherless souls.

You think it strange...a man in the moon
But ah! .... you know him well.
Since childhood days, you gazed at his face
aglow in eerie silence.

Peering through moonlit curtains
as if he'd called your name to look
And find him smiling there ....or crying
Reflecting all your fears and wonder.

The great globe of light in the midnight sky,
mysterious...yet so familiar
And that face of the man ......turned silver blue
. . . our moonlight contemplation.

Strange perhaps, in these enlightened times,
when moon reflects the feminine,
That I should say.... a man lives in the moon,
but you know.....he does.

Joanne Cucinello


  1. Hi!
    sorry but mi english isn´t good, i can read your post and i think that it´s beautiful and...deep?
    excuse please jejeje!
    happy weekend :)

  2. How nice of you to leave a comment.
    Your message came through loud and clear! Nothing to excuse!
    Thanks so much. . . .

  3. why i feel so mysterious feel here..?
    is that from your words or from the moon......
    i guess, it from both.

  4. Hi torashm,
    I hope it's from both! The moon is always mysterious and that's why so many try to capture it in poetry. Thank you!

  5. I have searched your site with the keyword MOON.
    This is a very good poem.
    The cosmos finds a way into my art and poetry too.
    I have subscribed to your feed and added you to my blog roll.
    I hope you get some time to wander around my art blog
    and my poetry blog
    Your poem reminds me of mine called GOOD MORNING MOON!

  6. Hi moonepoet,
    Kind words . . . thank you. I enjoyed browsing through your sites . . . very creative and interesting. You've got talent!


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