Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rickety Rack . . . Rainy Day Blues

I feel as if I’m someone else these days,
someone out of place.
Sometimes I think I’ve gone already
nowhere to be found.
Every morning a strange face
greets me in the mirror asking who I am.
I have to close my eyes to answer.

Is this the way it’s going to be from now on?
I'm trying so hard to remain in this unfamiliar shell,
a teapot losing its steam
and every day another piece of this body aches
tapping me to listen . . .
pay attention to the changing tide
reminding me of things much greater than I.
Perhaps it’s just the loneliness
I feel when I don’t want to talk to myself anymore.
Thoughts go out and return at odd times
of the night to wake me.

I sigh a lot more these days
feeling helplessness surround me
often overwhelmed
with disappointing expectations of my aging self.
And what was once so effortless
becomes a burden now.
I long to feel light and full of grace again.

Flesh and bones . . . you hold me down!
Oh, where is that wind that used to catch my sails?

I’m depressed today. Can you tell?

Joanne Cucinello 2007


  1. depression is an old friend... hse and i have walked many a mile hand in hand... funny... sometimes when she does retreat... i miss her.....

    this was an excellent write,, i was there with you,, standing in front of the mirror eyes wide shut.

  2. Paisley,
    I guess we all need these days of internal rain. They somehow are needed to water the soul, no? And perhaps make the sun shine a bit brighter when it returns.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Hi J!

    I have always believed that when we are in these kinds of depressive funks, our poetr and artistic flow thives. I have seen that when I am happier, the muses run away and hide. So enjoyed reading this one, great work my friend!


  4. I agree, Calder! Thanks for visiting.

  5. Depression has her advantages,
    you see everyday things in a
    different perspective, I slow
    down and go inward, almost as
    a release, and yes, my poems
    are better.

  6. It's so true Cynthia, depression does have its advantages ( if you come up for air )It's good to examine the other side of the coin
    or look at things upside down. So much to think about. Thank god we love to write!
    Happy you stopped by to comment.


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