Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She Sings . . . Even Though

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I don't know
where the moon rises these nights
but it does and I sleep
even though
I can hear her singing to the stars.

I have wondered lately
what will become of us
without her light
should she never rise again
in the heavens

I am but one lone soul
among many
who inhabit this earth
why we have come
to rest in this spot of green and blue
floating out here in space
in such darkness.

Why? we all wonder
have we been chosen to arrive
at this our solemn destination
so filled with yearnings
and unimagined greatness . . .still

Is there a puzzle
we've yet to solve
even the best of us?
Is there a song we've yet to hear?

No matter . . .
still she sings of a place
beyond time and dreams
when all was stardust once
sparkling with love.

Joanne Cucinello 2008

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