Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hollywood Thief

Outside on the marquis
it shines ~
your name in lights!
How I longed to sit inside
absorbed in fantasy
far from the toils of daily life,
the dark dreamscape of the hallowed theatre
delaying my own life for a few short hours.
It was my intent to get lost in the projection,
rapt in the story ~ undistracted
by the twisted paparazzi photos
and the flurry of half-truths, indiscriminate,
that seem to rise to the occasion
of your every new debut.

My ticket
was to be my entry into fantasy
time-captured . . . undisturbed
by door knocks or the ringing phone.
Ten dollars for three hours incognito ~
three hours just for me ~ a godsend!
But no . . . that wouldn't be for me
this time . . .
No! You thief!
Not because of paparazzi
not because of smut
but because you had to get
POLITICAL!!! You ass!
And might I add . . . NOT on my side of the fence!

Who needs to know if you're left or right?
You're an icon! A film star, damn it!
You get rich playing make-believe ~
and I have a drawer full of torn tickets to prove it!
Your campaigning with MY MONEY . . .
and now you've stolen my rose-colored glasses!

Joanne Cucinello 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spinning Silk


Light and dark have blended into one
and I am caught between them both
at the turning of the sky
from day to night.

I am caught between love and regret
wishing I had waited with my words
tossed them in my salad
and tasted their bitterness
for myself.

That fine line, so erasable
keeps finding its way onto
the pages of my life
coaxing me to see its folly
asking for reprieve.

My legs cannot part on such
distant shores and still belong to one
being who claims enlightenment.
This night I must weave the silk
of my cocoon and hope for wings . . . . .

Joanne Cucinello 2008

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