Saturday, January 24, 2009

We the People

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Must we look in the mirror of time once again
to see the struggles of mankind?
Shall we look in crystal balls to see our future?

Does history not show us
that ours is a journey
fraught with obstacles
and illusions?

Have we not learned the lessons
of this rugged earth we walk,
its crust of mountains and valleys?

We are still carving paths through rock and forest
looking for a way home.

Do not believe such folly
that dictates we have found it.
Many before believed they
held the key.

"The longest journey is the journey inward"
once a wise man said.
And here is where our future lies . . .
in the deep dark caverns of the soul.

This is the journey that will prove our mettle.
This alone transcends all others.
Leaders will come and go and some may follow
but the solitary man must rise or fall
in the light of his own heart
or the darkness of his own soul.

Joanne Cucinello


  1. delightful as usual,, but filled with wisdom,, of the ages,,, and a knowing that comes only from having traveled amongst the dead....

  2. Paisley,
    I take your words to heart. I sometimes feel that I am an old soul and that I've been around before. Many times I connect with dreams and visions which I only see as they appear when my pen touches paper. Don't know where they come from . . . but they do. Thanks for the affirmation. Blessings!


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