Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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In the warm dark waters
of my mother's womb
I swam alive and innocent
unaware that in my universe
of darkness, simple cells
were multiplying and I
would soon be filled with light.

Moment by moment
I blossomed into being
caught in the current
of pulse and rhythm
my mother's blood
pumping through tributaries
gushing and swirling like
one great river and I,
safe inside my burrowed
nest of softness.

Joanne Cucinello


  1. Beautiful thoughts with a beautiful picture. You show such warmth in what you have written here. I shall return soon to watch your posts!

  2. I love your poem "Nest."It is beautiful. You have an awesome gift from God.

    May I post your poem and picture on my blog?

    Please let me know...

    Thank you and God bless you...

  3. Hi Margaret,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I stopped by your blog also. It's wonderful! Keep writing . . .

  4. Hi Brian,
    I'm glad this poem has touched you.
    Thank you.
    You can post it on your site as long as my name is on it, of course. I'd be honored. You have a vast array of thoughtful spiritual postings I enjoyed very much reading. As far as the picture goes, I found it on, a photo sharing community. . . but it's not my photo.
    Here's the link:

  5. Dear Joann -

    Thank you - I posted your poem on my blog and addded your site to my favorites. I read your post "Blooms Ago", nd the pic of the lilacs is lovely. I also posted a pic of lilacs, from the tree on the side of my home. Check it out - it's in the archives.

  6. Brian,
    I will follow your blog. it's inspiring. Thanks for displaying my poem. I hope it will touch others.
    Somehow I couldn't find your archives to view the lilacs . . . but I'll keep trying.

  7. Hello Joanne -

    Here is the site:

    PS: My co-worker sitting next to me lives in Bayville....

    God bless!


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