Monday, July 6, 2009

Purple Quilt


She bought a purple quilt
satin soft and welcoming
a purple river flowing on their bed.
We little ones would run our hands
across it when we walked into that room.
It felt like love.

And sometimes, if a thunder storm was near
she'd bundle us together by the window
and open it wide to see and feel it all
the green and orange awnings flapping wildly
in the wind. Then like a banshee she'd grab
that quilt and slide it off the bed
dancing and twirling till she snatched
us up in it safe and warm
and cuddled us like little birds beneath
her wings . . . and suddenly we were brave.
There we could feel the raindrops
spray as they hit the sidewalk
listen close to rolling thunder in the heavens
and see the lightening flash across the sky.
She'd stand right in the middle telling of the angels
up there bowling strikes with every clash
and there we were . . . a purple quilted bundle,
leaning on the window sill, giggling and squealing
till every fear was gone beneath
that purple quilt and my mother's
arms as if they both were one . . .

Now I wonder, as I'm growing old
if she kept it on that bed to hide
not us . . . but her
and did she see her life untangling
evolving strange and different
moving far away from Dad and us
far away from what was coming
hiding from those demons
who began to dance their madness
in her head and pull her screaming through the door.


  1. oh i enjoyed that one joanne,, and that ending just about tears your heart out.. wonderful poem!!!

  2. So good to hear from you, paisley!
    Light and dark color our memories,
    but everyone is worth the keeping.
    They make us who we are. Thank you!

  3. Joanne, my sister, I can hear your heartbeat and watch your eyes scanning the heavens in every writing. How blessed am I. Love, Judy

  4. Thanks for all the love, Judy. Just remembering little you, snuggled up under that quilt with me, makes my hear always smile. Love you too!

  5. What an absolutely intriguing lead for the reader to go down the piece and have the ending that is piercing. Joanne, this was probably good and painful both to write...I thought it was great...

  6. Oooh my god Joanne!! I simply loved your poem!!! I am absolutely wordless! I myself am a poetry blogger but I don't that my poetry has yet reached the hieght of expression that you enjoy! Bravo! Do check out my blog as well:

  7. Yes, Margaret . . . both emotions found their way into my writing, but the purple quilt memory is pure love.
    Thank you,

  8. Hi Kaibee,
    Thanks for your enthusiastic comments! I did get to read and comment on a few of your poems also.
    Keep writing . . . you're good!


  9. This is a fantastic work! I really enjoyed reading it - related totally.

  10. Joanne - you may see two comments from me because I'm having problems with posting, but I just loved this poem!

  11. You're so sweet Jeanne! Glad you related . . . Thank you!


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