Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where Tiger Lily Blooms


I tiptoed into the forest
looking for something
other than green

and I found such happiness
blooming, sprouting
lovely orange kisses

tiger lilies . . .
shouting up to the treetops
"Look at us . . . we're alive!"

Joanne Cucinello
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  1. How fun to discover the hidden treasures of nature...There they were awaiting their debut...Very beautifully written and full of energy....

  2. Thank you both, Kaibee and Margaret.
    So glad you enjoyed my Tiger Lilies!


  3. My tiger lilies are blooming too and I dearly love them. Love the thought and poem too. Cecelia

  4. i loved the simplicity of this write. its beautiful and a nice pic also.

  5. Thank you, Mamta! Just coming upon these simple, yet beautiful lilies was so captivating . . . took my breath away!

  6. Hi Joanne -

    I love your lilies - and your poetry is lovely. I posted a picture of Lily in the front of my house. The pic is not so good - but I figured - who'e perfect...

    Check it out..

    God bless...

  7. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you have lilies too, they inspire so much. Your blog is looking wonderful too. I try and stop by now and then to read.


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