Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Want To Live!

I want to fly tonight
leave this body
and fly!

I want to hold
my breath
and swim with whales!

I want to follow
the mountain goats
to Everest

and find an eagle's
feather there.

I want to lie in
the den of the Great
Black Bear and
nuzzle with her cubs.

I want to find
that place of promise
where my name is
carved in stone.

I want to never
forget that
I was here.

I want to live!

Joanne Cucinello


  1. This marvelous write hit home with me so deeply, Joanne...As all of us should be doing, ...LIVING, enjoying the gifts that have been given to us~!! swim with whales~! ....WONDERFUL words!

  2. There are those days when we feel so so alive . . . this was one of them!
    Thank you Margaret . . . let's fly!!

  3. Nice form, I am really a fan now, I'll be coming back for more.


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