Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Before


Before I came to be ~
You loved me.
Unadorned in my mother's womb
I was already yours ~
and you were mine.

Love had claimed us ~
long before
we found each other.
Even as we danced as spirits
in the great beyond ~
you were mine.

And in every lifetime
we have found our souls
abiding in that sacred space
tomorrow holds for just a few
bound together for eternity.

Before I came to be ~
You loved me.

Joanne Cucinello © 2008


  1. Absolutely priceless piece of writing! Wonderful Joanne!

  2. Thank you so much, Kaibee! I am truly blessed to have found the love of my life when I was young . . . and so I write of him, my soulmate, knowing deep within that we have and will forever find each other again.

  3. Joanne,

    You are an awesome wordsmith. Your words here bring to mind the most wonderful gift God gave to me, my wife Mary. God gives us so many gifts - and the ones we most notice are in the faces of those we love. But we can not forget the reason for all His gifts. God is gives us a taste of the most that glorious ultimste reality - heaven.
    He wants us to be with him for all eternity. We experience the Kingdom of God here by the good deeds we do in His name, and by receiving his gifts in all humility. We love His gifts. Can you only imagine meeting the gift giver face-to-face?

    God bless you! I pray that you and yours have a blessed Christmas season, and a very happy and healthy New Year!

  4. So, you have found your soul mate too, Brian! I know this is God's wish for each of us and it's true what you say . . . He gives us a taste of that glorious ultimate reality - heaven.
    And heaven right now is in the eyes of my beloved, my gift in this lifetime here on earth.

    Blessings to you and your loved ones also and a beautiful year to come.


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