Sunday, March 14, 2010



We must find joy in our lives
even though
the news suggests otherwise.

We must be able to laugh
even though
sorrow has draped the neighbor's door.

We must be able to smile
even though
women lose their breasts every day.

We must eat and give thanks
even though
people are starving across the sea.

We must hug and kiss our babies
even though
there are orphans everywhere.

We must do what we can do
even though
it is not enough.

Joanne Cucinello 2010


  1. I just created earlier this week and I've been trying to find other bloggers that also create their own poetry. Your blog is the first one I've come across and love your work.

  2. Hi Nieves, and thank you. So glad to know you enjoy my work! I wish you
    good luck with your new blog too. I stopped by and left a comment.

  3. I love those pictures taken with people making pictures with lights. Coldplay has a video that has a lot of that. I think it is sooo cool. And then when you can pair it with some beautiful writing, well, hey, you can't do better than that now can you? (P.s. I am from New Hyde Park originally.... woohoo long island. No? Oh ok nevermind)

  4. Hi Boomka,
    Hey, I grew up in Ridgewood and then Glendale, Queens before I got married and moved to Long Island when I was about your age (long time ago).
    So nice to have you read my blog. I go crazy on trying to find just the right photo to connect with my Poetry and I'm very rarely disappointed.
    Thanks for commenting and checking out my inspirations.

    I've only read your last blog entry
    but that gave me some insight into your vibrant youthful spirit and intelligent humor . . . loved reading it!

    Hope to read more and hope you'll do the same here.


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