Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yes, You Are Mine

I called you out of the darkness
a soul who became my child.
I don't recall the moment in time
or sleep or daydreams . . .
but I know deep down I did
and now you are here
a soul in body tangible
with cells and genes much
like my own.

I did not know the form
you would take
or how I would feel when I
looked into your shining eyes
that first moment
and all the moments to come
in our lives together
but I want you to know
today and forever
that your life was not a mistake
nor a wanton windblown excuse

You are all I asked for
you have shown me who I am
so many times and helped me face
my truth, my strengths, my weakness,
my sorrows and my joys.

You have grown through
all your pains and asked me
"Why was I born ?"
as you struggled
for your human heart.
But I know . . . yes, I know.

You are my promise, my blessing.
You were born to be my Child
and I was born to love you.

Joanne Cucinello 2010


  1. A poignant tribute to the bond between parent and child.

  2. Thank you 'nothingprofound'.
    I have five children and at some point or other, especially through their teenage years, I believed they needed these affirmations . . . as all teenagers especially do. Although they're well on their own now, some married with their own children . . . I'll always be reminding them . . . Yes, you are mine.

  3. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog today and love it so far. This is a beautiful tribute to the parent/child relationship. My oldest just turned 12 this past week and I have been remembering a great deal of how and why she was brought into this world. What a beautiful reflection.

  4. Hi Just Me,
    I'm so pleased my poem had meaning for you . . . so glad you could relate to it. The years fly by so quickly . . . it's important to reflect on the relationships that are so precious. Thank you!
    ps . . . I'm off to visit your blog!


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