Sunday, July 25, 2010

All the Way to the End

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I was never the one to seek out ecstasy.
You must know that by now . . .
yet even then when the blush
was blooming, I'd lay in awe
and listen to your heartbeat
enraptured knowing you were mine.
We loved like the sun and moon
finding our own rhythm
glowing and dimming
always returning to the place
where we began.

Back then . . . it was the flesh
impatient to climb the mountain
to cling like moss to the rock it found.
We were young and beautiful
shining even in the dark
you and I, always yearning
always hungry for more.
Little did we know
that "more" grows deeper in the soil
than moss that climbs so visible.
"More" grows deep beneath the flesh.

Years have passed and time
has changed these bodies drawing lines
across our flesh
but here we are, my love . . . still singing.

Even now . . .
when I come to you
my beauty less than yesterday
your eyes still say I'm beautiful
for what you see is more
and I know that it's your love
that holds my soul and blesses me
and I will love you . . . to the end.

Joanne Cucinello 2010


  1. I really like the naturalist elements at work in your poem; they lend a romantic touch that really pushes your theme of love in the fleeting human life.

    To me, the "more" evoked at the end of your second stanza is that unexpected love found when one wasn't looking for it, a phenomena that I think (or at least hope) happens everyday.

    I look forward to reading more!

  2. Hello Ryan,
    What a delight to read your comment! Thank you so much. Sometimes I think I should have really titled this poem "More", but then I wanted to convey the movement of time and years passing and growing.

    I will pop over to your blog also and check it out!

  3. "and you'll know this at last, poor soul, the grass is never greener once you leave paradise."

    Visit the God Bolt for the daily bolt!

    i'm going to pop around and read more, if you like my blog, we can link to each other.

  4. This is truly beautiful. I only hope one day to find love as sweet as this.

  5. Thank you, Kristie
    You know I wonder sometimes . . . it seems like every step of the road, every turn and decision in my young life, ultimately led me to the place and the moment where I met the love of my life . . . and I recognized him . . . as if I'd always known him.
    You'll know that person when you meet him, because he's already yours!

  6. Hi Oren,
    I'm glad you found my site. I hope you like what you read! I did visit your blog. You have such an abundance of energy and interests, it's amazing! but then again . . . you're young and ready to grab life by the tail . . . Good for you!
    I wish you all good things in your many endeavors.
    Stay with that positive energy and let the "Force" guide you!
    Thanks again for stopping by!

  7. That's beautiful Joanne - truly beautiful :-)

  8. Thank you Tony,
    I'm so appreciative when you stop by and read my work.
    You, yourself are so generous with your time and the magnitude of insight you share on your Astrology Blog . . . I'm honored that you take the time to visit mine!

  9. that you are still singing...intimacy changes over the ages and what once was a rush to fulfilment becomes something much more...i think at least...smiles...

  10. Thank you so much,Brian.
    Yes, the rush is much quieter now . .. but dearer still! :)


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