Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rim of Gold

Rim of Gold
At the edge of my body
lies a rim of gold.
I am encased in light.
I am alive within my soul
which surrounds me
and remembers
who I am.

My feet touch the earth
that I alone inhabit
this speck of space material.
The earth connects me to
the core of my body ~
the sky receives the rays
of my soul.

When I leave this place
I will shed my skin
like an overcoat
my bones will turn to ash
and I will step out
into forever
all my colors shining

my true heart ablaze and ready
for the ride back home
where they will know me
and greet me
like a new born child
arrived with gifts wrapped
into my swaddling clothes

and I will give them all my earthly pearls
the remnants of their grace bestowed.

Joanne Cucinello 2010


  1. Joanne - This poem, what a lovely, precious gift on the golden light... we shall shed that overcoat....
    I love the labels....ETERNITY SHINING SOUL
    And so it is, thank you for everything, love, Pat

  2. Thank you, Pat, my sweet forever Friend!
    Those labels belong to you, also . . .

  3. Hi there!

    Beautiful poem there!

    Loved the lines and the imagination..

    thnks for the post :)

  4. Thanks, Pravin . . . so kind of you!
    I left a comment on your blog als

  5. This is one of the most beautiful things I've read in a very long time chock-full of constant reading. The titular image feels as though it could be turned and played with and examined endlessly. The images, the metaphors, are wonderfully varied and yet cohesive and relevant.

    "and I will give them all my earthly pearls
    the remnants of their grace bestowed."

    This is so touching and it rings true as the golden rim of a bell. Thank you very much for this poetry, and all the other wonderful poems exhibited here.

    -Dan H.

  6. Dan,
    Thank you for your wonderful and very appreciated comment! I feel blessed.
    I saw this in my heart and mind one particular morning when I was feeling very loved . . . and knew it was a gift of comfort to my soul. I wrote this in hopes that sharing my vision would bring comfort and affirmation to others also.
    I'm so glad it means more than words to you.
    Thank you again.


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