Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sand Castles and Waves


Such a dilemma
for a child who needs to hold on
to the things she'd made.
Six years old on the planet back then
so many toys I'd wished for
had to stay wishes since
even Santa, lectured my parents, . . . was poor!

But there at the beach
all the wet sand was free!
Free to build anything I wanted
and I did!
Castles, caves and secret tunnels
and the deep dreaded hole.

We were told by my parents
that if we kept digging
we could get to the other side of
the world . . . and we'd know we got there
when a Chinaman's head popped up
through the sand.

So we'd dig and stop, my brother and I,
dig and stop, taking turns wondering who
would be the one to see that head of
shiny black hair emerge.
Scared and excited, holding our breath
as we dug to the other side of the earth
reserved for our adventure.

When the afternoon sun began its way home
behind the waves, we'd sit wrapped in towels
waiting for the ripples of ocean's tide
that never failed to come and wash away
our castles, and fill our deep hole with shells
so we could sleep without fear
of that head popping up
from the other side of the world.

Joanne Cucinello 2010


  1. Wow! I can feel myself on the beach with you in this poem. I loved it! Thanks for sharing. :) ~Kristie

  2. Hey Kristie,
    Thank you! Were you ever told about digging through the sand to the other side of the world like we kids were back then? I just wonder if young parents still tell that to their children!
    Such suspense back then!


  3. We so easily believe when we are young. This poem really reminds you of that.

  4. Thanks Missy! I guess that's where we grow our imagination from.
    I stopped by your blog too . . . love your poetry and artwork . . . very down to earth and real.


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