Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Song


Vibrant crystal days
of autumn sunshine
lift my spirits once again
and call me past my window
to the color feast outside.
There's no place like
New England in the fall!

Crisping furls of frenzy
decorate the path
before me as I walk
and breathe my life today.
"Let go . . . Let go"
say the trees.

They are giving up
their leaves again
the verdant gift
and canopy of shade
I welcomed so this

Now with brilliant
sunlit tones of fire
the leaves begin their litany
of au revoirs with beauty
unrivaled even
by their birth in spring.

Toppling swirls burst and
crunch beneath my happy feet
ignoring the fact that
soon enough I'll wake bedraggled by
the thought of digging out those
long toothed rakes growing
cobwebs in the shed.

Joanne Cucinello 2009


  1. Your poem says it all
    I feel like I hear
    Your enjoyment and excitement
    In just the written word.

    As you so rightly speak
    Of the joys of fall,
    There is but little left to say
    As we watch the leaves fall.

    'Tis drizzling orange leaves
    That set the land ablaze
    With their fervent yellow colors
    They create an orange haze.

    They dazzle the eye and leave
    The beholder in nothing but awe
    The color is so natural, so bright
    It's sad to see them fall.

    These trees shall soon be barren
    Oh, but what a lovely time it is now.
    "As the leaves that are green,
    Turn to brown..."
    (Last two lines are from a Simon and Garfunkel song!)

  2. Thank you, Musical Note!
    I enjoyed your addition of poetic lines. so glad you're enjoying the season too!


  3. Hi Joanne,
    Thank you so much :) Your comments mean a lot!


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