Friday, October 7, 2011

She Walks the Shore at Twilight

She is no ordinary woman
this anyone can see

Somewhere in time, angels
came to visit her . . . in numbers

Their feathers began appearing everywhere
lightly falling in the darkest places

Little did she know back then
that she would come to change her name
once the suffering began

Seeing angels and finding feathers
does change one, you know

Experiences like these are always preparation
for the coming transformation

Leaving an aperture in the heart
for a time when the Great Love can enter.

She is no ordinary woman
just an ordinary saint
who utters prayers of love for our broken world
as she walks the shore at twilight.

Joanne Cucinello 2011


  1. Beautiful, Joanne! I particularly love the last stanza.

  2. These poems are beautiful... Fantastic writing!

  3. So nice to hear from you again, nothingprofound . .
    Thank you! I hadn't visited your blog in awhile and tiptoed back this morning, only to find once again that I'd missed a gem!
    Left my comment too :)

  4. Thank you, MostlyMisled! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my work. Your comment is very kind.

    Stopped by your interesting blog too and enjoyed your honest assessment of hypocrisy! Keep writing!


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