Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Leaves are falling now~
Autumn and her winds
encouraging the trees
to let them go.
Nature is wise
and full of promise
new leaves will return in spring.
Watch me . . . she says
Observe ~
and I will teach you
all you’ll ever need
to know about your life
and how to live it.

Do you not see
what the animals have learned already?
They have neither speech nor reason
and they do not fight me
as you do~
They listen when I call
and do what they must do . . .
each species
true to its purpose.

These, the Innocents
have been with me
long before you walked
this earth
and they have learned
my secrets well.

Those in the wild
must always be
their nature is not
to walk with man
they must be free.
It is their spirits
that reside with you
deep in the hollows
of your consciousness
. . . the ancient mind
that speaks to you in dreams
of times long past
when you were also wild.
Do not destroy their kingdoms
or the suffering and loss they bear
will be yours to own.

They are totems,
portions of the human soul evolving still . . .
Their ways are lessons to be learned.
For the nature of each species
those that swim the oceans,
crawl the desserts, soar the skies
and live among the trees
each in its truth . . .
foretells the course of man.
They are a wondrous prism
reflecting you!
If only you would . . .

Are not all creatures
wild and tame
true to their Creator’s hand?
But what of you, Man?
Have you forgotten who you are?
Made in the image and likeness of God
. . . of all beings . . . ONLY YOU!

Is it time yet?

Are you ready to remember?

You have within you everything you need.
Listen~ the earth is speaking
and all its creatures wild and tame
are restless and afraid
hoping you will choose to remember
before it is too late.
Open your immense heart
and turn away no longer.
Your beautiful spirit, magnificent . . .
is ready to rise!
Make haste . . . the time is near.

Joanne Cucinello 2007

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outside the Womb

There are things mothers teach
that can't be taught
while swimming in the womb
like how to lie
when you can't keep a promise
like how to smile
when saying canned spinach
tastes good.

Day to day things like brushing teeth
and not picking noses at the table
make for civilized offspring
however, these are not necessities
when living in rural areas
and mothers often overlook such
trivialities while milking cows.

Love, on the other hand,
mysterious and hidden in the dark
emerges at birth with awesome wonder.

That fierce miraculous moment
when mother meets her babe
that first miraculous breath
outside the womb.

Joanne Cucinello

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