Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starlight Symphony

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Song of man
lilt of woman's voice
the laughter of a child
like molecules of stardust

See! . . they float out
towards the heavens
even as they leave our lips.

Do not fear
that they are lost or vanished
for this can never be
not if these were born of love.

Love lives on eternal
every speck of it
every drop of goodness
that fills the  golden cup.

Our words, our songs
and all the sounds of life
once uttered
stay forever sacred
and though not composed of matter
they have life  . . . that time can never touch

for they transform into the
echoes, timbre chimes and bells,
the woodwinds of the Milky Way
the strings and timpani of comets
soaring by . . .

they continue their concertos
in the dark and fertile silence
of the cosmos
where the Earth spins
her glorious symphony for the stars.

Joanne Cucinello    2010

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