Sunday, January 29, 2012



Some days are so clear.
God is everywhere
and angels whisper in my ear.
On those days I believe what they tell me;
my life is worth more than I can ever know.
I smile an awful lot on those days.

Then there come the mornings
when the sun is not around
when I can make no sense
of anything . . . no reason, no purpose
not even one clue as to why we're here
alive on this planet, all of us
walking around hungry all the time
and there's not one angel in sight.

I close my eyes and try to remember
what it was they said those times
when I was LISTENING
when I was noticing
how my breath rises and falls
in my chest without effort
without a care of any kind
and I can feel the whole earth
breathing in me, all of it, all of me
and I know.

Joanne Cucinello 2010

Saturday, January 7, 2012


This poem is an excerpt from my book "Constellations ~ A Collection of Heavenly Poetry" . . .

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"Live!" . . . said the Moon on her perch
in the black sea of heaven.
"Fully ". . . she whispered
to the children of the earth
who were making love and waging war
eating and starving, dying and being born.

Live!! . . . she shouted, as they stumbled
and fell, trying over and over to walk
in their shoes of immortality.
Live!! . . . she cried, as they pulled their hair
in disbelief that they could in fact . . . live forever.
"Nothing lives forever" . . . they sobbed
"all things surely must die!"

"All things but You" . . . she whispered now
alone in her heaven, without the Sun,
who rises when she falls, who shines when she is dark.
"All things but You!" . . . echoed the Stars,
and they wept for the Moon in her loneliness.
"You are not like us, set adrift to light the heavens
exalted in your poetry, fading into darkness at the end.

Listen and truly live . . . Mankind
before the Sun and Moon have run their course.
Learn that it is YOU who are immortal,
You, the beings who can dream and yearn and love
and You who will shine long after our light is gone.
There is more to Man than flesh and bone.
You are the children of God, and though you inhabit
the Earth, you are Spirit.
Listen! . . . it is You . . . who will live forever."

Joanne Cucinello © 2004

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