Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crown Coffee Shop

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Crown Coffee Shop

It's been many years since our first date
and the small Crown Coffee Shop
we walked to on that snowy night

cold and chilled to the bone
no gloves or scarves, just acting cool
the way teenagers tried to do back then.

You said you went there often
and the owner wouldn't mind if we sat
drinking coffee all night. . . just staying warm.

Now it wasn't fancy, you warned me in advance
but it was cozy, and Tina, the waitress served
the best damn coffee this side of the Brooklyn Bridge!

There it was, just ahead, Crown Coffee Shop
the blinking neon sign, like Morse code,
saying "Come on in, you would-be lovers !"

When you opened the door
and I got a whiff of that fresh ground coffee
floating toward my cold pink nose . . . I knew somehow

we'd be sipping coffee together
for the rest of our lives . . . first thing
in the morning, tap, tap tapping out . . . that same Morse code.

Joanne Cucinello


  1. I really got a good sense here of your experiences at Crown Coffee Shop! How neat to look back and remember that this is where a relationship began!

    1. Thanks Mary!
      Looking back, it's funny how certain little things remain in the memory bank . . . like an old snapshot, a bit worn, but worth keeping.


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