Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dream Walk

 photo 6a4cdf64-ce22-4d39-87af-26bba9f6bcb2_zps4f5e69a3.jpg

Tell me
did I walk
into that dream
last night . . .
or did
that dream walk
into me?

Like hard rain it pounded
at my window glass
ready to shatter all
that I believe my life to be.

I fight
trying to hold onto
my cells and my skin
even though these bones
are beginning to wane
and settle into a soft
comfortable clump.

What will become of me
when I can no longer see
beyond this shell I knew
so well as Me?
What will become of
those dreams I thought
were mine?

Joanne Cucinello  ©  2013

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