Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will You find Me?

Will You Find Me? photo alone-2jpg.jpg

Oh Lord, my soul is thirsty!
How do I live in this world?
How can I slice through fog so dense
and find that kernel of light and
truth you've promised?

I have sifted the sand around my feet
a thousand times, but it is hot and dry
and nowhere can I find that
drop of gold that floated in
my Mother's womb beside me.

Sometimes in my dreams
I can almost touch it
in a baby's smile or in a song
that has always stirred my soul
and then I wake, no longer in that grace.

What shall I do, while in my heart
there lives such fire?
Will I burn away to ashes and spend
eternity in some forgotten urn
or will you find my drop of gold,
through all this chaos and bring me home?

Joanne Cucinello    ©  2013


  1. Joanne -
    You, that drop of gold, that light of grace, shine ever so brightly.
    xo thank you for this beatiful poem. -p

    1. Thank you, my sweet friend . . . and you are so blessed on your own life path to be healing others with the "golden light",,


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