Sunday, April 14, 2013


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It is difficult moving
from the Center
of their Universe . . .
that Universe that now
has grown out and beyond
the habitat of Mother Moon
and Father Sun.

Orbs, we were once,
shining in their eyes
lighting the days and nights
with love and comfort
kissing wounds and making
cupcakes grow in the oven.

It is difficult watching
the flame die
seeing both of us
becoming little stars
visible sometimes  . . . at Sunset.

And yet . . .
this is how it is meant to be
this is how new galaxies
are born and life's circle
completes itself
over and over again.

Soon we will be immortalized
of this I am sure
for truly
it was Love that brought us here
and Love that will remain
when all the other stars have burned away.

Ahh! . . . letting go of Stardom can be difficult.

Joanne Cucinello   © 2013

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