Thursday, June 27, 2013

Have You Seen It?

 photo lightbeam_zpsd60023eb.jpg

There is a new light beaming
across the surface of the earth
Have you seen it?

Nothing like it has settled in the
clouds before . .  calmly waiting

all the thoughts  and consciousness
of those who've lived before
and walked this earth in blindness

have begun to settle in this light
this aura of the great Divine

Oh, how we have longed for it
this moment in time
when all the strings of the Giant Web
will soon be cut and folded into
one Cosmic Golden Envelope

soon to be delivered . . . our Ransom
purified in the fires of want
and desperation, the crystal waters of hope
and forgiveness, the winds of change and
deliverance, and the soil of Adam's rib.

We are Children of the New Earth
those promised to the Stars
our Ancient Brothers.
We shall carry their light that is dimming
and become like Stars ourselves
resting in the sacred palm of our Creator
floating in His tears.

Joanne Cucinello  © 2013

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