Saturday, November 30, 2013

Did We Say Yes?

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I am the flesh that bore your soul
the smile you saw when first
your tiny eyes adjusted to the light
outside my womb.

Who are we, the two of us
so blessed to be given a chance to love
and this game of life to share together?

Was it a lottery of some kind the angels drew
above the clouds or a puzzle
that our two pieces made complete?

Did we each say yes, when asked the questions . . .
"Are you ready to suffer for someone else?
Do you know what it means to love until you die?"

We must have nodded or whispered
quite unsure, yet willing to smash through the cosmos
and land here in this tiny speck of earth together
mother and child.
I know, for me, it was by far
the brightest moment of my existence
and none since then could ever compare
to the moment I felt you alive inside
and knew that you were mine.

Joanne Cucinello    2013

We Too

angels photo: angels ANGELS7.gif

They look down at us from above
white winged glorious beings
seeing mostly
the tops of our heads

like push pins
multicolored against the earth
walking, running, and some
still trying to fly

trying to believe that Yes,
we too had wings once
that we too
could sit at the foot of God's throne
and gaze into Ecstasy.

 Joanne Cucinello  2013

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