Tuesday, February 3, 2015


In my Easter bonnet and brand new dress
I walked hand in hand with my Mom.
We were walking to church together
for the first time since Christmas Eve.

I often wondered in my little mind
why we only went to church
together on Christmas and Easter.
Every other Sunday
I went to the Children’s Mass and sat
with my classmates and Sister Mary Genuflect.

One day I asked Mom why she never came
except for those two days. 
I told her what Sister Mary Genuflect said
about Mom not going to be in heaven with me
because she didn’t go to Mass every week
and Mom just shook her head and kissed me.

One day, when I was just thirteen, my Mother left
and my parents got divorced.
When I tearfully told Sister Mary Genuflect what happened,
she gave me her words of wisdom and comfort:
“Well now . . . it’s up to you, dear, to get your parents
back together or they will spend eternity in hell . . .
apart from you forever.”

And then I knew why Mom only went to Church
on those two days and I marveled
that she even went at all.

Joanne Cucinello   2007

** That was many years ago.  
Words are very powerful when spoken down at children by authority figures,
especially those who claim to know the love and mercy of Christ,
but haven't got a clue.  They don't brush off the shoulders or fly away in the wind.
They etch their way into the heart and soul of a child and stain their innocence . . . so beware.

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