Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Tree In the Attic

 Little Decorated Christmas Tree photo: Decorated Christmas Wreaths/Ornaments/Stockings 505a5fc9.jpg

Our tree in the attic is
cardboard boxed and labeled
"Memories are Here"
it is waiting once again
to sit by the window
all lit up and smiling.

Some buy
a new tree every year
cut fresh and forest-scented
but this has not been the way for us
and those with pine tree allergies

Our little tree of wire branches
and plastic pine needles
like the Velveteen Rabbit
waiting to become real
becomes our Christmas ritual each year
of love and transformation

The magic happens
as we hang each treasured ornament
and swag the tiny crystal lights
remembering the days
when our children were small
and full of nothing but giggles and fairy dust

The little tree in the attic
our door to the past and all the love
we've gathered through the years

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Love Me Tomorrow

winterwindow_zps84d44b3f-1_zps97e64bb4 photo winterwindow_zps84d44b3f-1_zps97e64bb4.jpg

I can still smile
and know who you are
my Love

but I feel
the earth giving way
beneath me
more and more

and I'm afraid

afraid the day might
come when I will be
a stranger

lost behind the door
of yesterday, unfamiliar
even to myself

and you, my Love
won't ever find
the key.

Joanne Cucinello

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