Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Morning’s Here ~ and So Am I

I'm so attached to this world
to the flesh and the stones
all around me ~ things that make me
feel safe.

My grip has always been strong 
even though, as I write now,
“change” is slipping through my fingers ~
and there's no way to stop it.

All that used to be familiar is changing
morphing into forms that are 
hard for me to recognize ~ 
but I'm trying.

I tend to blame the mirror some nights
so I wait for the shifting light that seems
kinder at dawn . . . and hold my breath
as the sun begins to rise with the truth.

But, hey . . . it’s really okay.  Life is "change".
It has to be, and the ride’s been amazing.
Just makes me wonder when I’ll be
brave enough to open my hands ~ and let go.

Joanne 8/30/16

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