Sunday, August 20, 2017

Life Is Love

 Life is so fragile
we are all waiting to be born
and held forever
in the palm of God

Life is so beautiful
we've been given a heart
that keeps the beat
for all who've come before
and all who have been promised

Life is so magnetic
 attracting, holding fast
the good and bad of humankind
the very best and worst of us

Life is purely gift
forgiving one creation, leaping to another
to please the smiling God whose
only dream is love.

Joanne Cucinello

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Moonlight Praise

O Beauty
that lights the midnight sky,
how faithfully you wax and wane.
I am but one seed sprouted in time
Caught, like those before me,
in the rays of your glowing splendor.
Your rhythm flows through my veins
and all life responds with heartbeat
to your magnetic pull.
You rule the ebb and flow of ancient waters.
All emotions and cycles, comings and goings,
even our dying and our being born,
these things await your perfect timing.

 O Moon,
You have lived in our consciousness
Since our first awakening,
Created to be our gift and comfort,
our promise of the morning sun.
Even as Eve first stepped beyond the Gate
that night in lonely silence,
you were there to shine on Adam’s path
and teach the rhythms of your ever-changing face.
They watched the heavens,
awaiting your return each month
and marked the days of your growing brightness
to light the path for the hunt and their returning
journeys home.

 Your cycle echoes that of our own,
from the darkness of our mother’s womb
Into the dawning of our life.
We travel toward the brightness of our days
and in time fade like summer’s bloom,
back to the dust of our beginnings.

 O glorious faithful Moon,
who signs our destiny and bows before the Sun,
remind us always of our God,
In all life’s changes,
and in all your dances with the stars . . .
For we, like you . . . are made to shine,
each a spark of that One Eternal Light.

Joanne Cucinello

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rim of Gold (revised)


At the edge of my body lies a rim of gold.
I am encased in light and alive within my soul ~
my soul that holds me close and remembers who I am.

My feet may touch the earth, but the crown
of my head points to where I came from.
I am here to learn from this beautiful earth
and from those who walk beside me. And as I do,
the sky receives the rays of my eternal soul ~
the Thread of my Connection.

When I leave this place, I will shed my skin like an overcoat,
my bones will turn to ash, but I will step out into forever
with all my colors shining, and my true heart ablaze
and ready for the ride back home.

There they will know me, and greet me like a new born child
arrived with gifts wrapped in my swaddling clothes
and I will hand them all the earthly pearls
God’s blessed grace bestowed.

Joanne Cucinello   2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

I Dreamed a Dream

Image result for brooklyn ny streets
I dreamed a dream that took me home to Brooklyn and the home I loved on Linden Street.  You know how dreams are.   Back and forth I traveled in time, colors dark and light, swirling.  A brown wood door stood closed before me and I knocked, listening for feet. They came to the other side shuffling.

A woman, my aunt, old and white haired now, turned the knob and opened it, and I saw a golden light stream into the room and fill it.  I told her I was to meet my Mother here.  She said she'd come at four this afternoon.  All of them, my mother's sisters, were sitting on kitchen chairs shaking their heads and wiping their eyes, saying to each other . . . "She's not coming, poor thing, she never should have said that."

My heart began to sink, another lie, just keep pretending. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw another room, dimly lit and a bed with a worn suitcase on it, opened and strewn with clothes.  There she stood, my Mother, still in her coat and frailer than I remembered.  My Mother, tear stained and seemingly afraid to come to me.  Oh, I was so happy and relieved!

"Mommy!" I cried, and ran to her like a little girl again, wrapping my arms around her saying how much I loved her and missed her for so long.  She held me too and I could feel her hair against my cheek.  The whole room began to fill with that golden light.
She kissed my face all over, just the way she always did when I was small, and she smiled that smile I've waited to see again . . . for all my life.  My gift, my answered prayer . . . She was waiting for me there, and all I had to do was knock.

Joanne Cucinello  2014

Sunday, April 2, 2017

No Regrets

white pillow photo: white 2xWhite.jpg

The years
are filled with stories

stories woven
with a gilded thread
to make a heart.

Silver hairs are falling
soft upon this loom
like feathers ~

pillows touching
slept on through the years
finding comfort  ~

gazing some nights
across the sheets
to that place
where heaven rests

Oh . . . these have been
the best days
the best choice
ever, ever made!


Drop the Oars

 photo HPIM9597.jpg

The edge of morning is dark before sunrise
magical and fertile with imagination.
Expectancy and renewal await the dawn
so different from dusk, when the long night begins.

We must let go of the day 
to restore our bodies and walk 
through the door of sleep, but
it can be difficult to surrender 
to the dark subconscious mind. 
It asks us to abandon any thought 
of tomorrow's fate. This is not always easy.  
Ask any insomniac.

To sleep in that cocoon of dreamtime
requires trust ~ trust that we will rest protected.
Anything can happen while we sleep.
The world we know could end!  
We might wake up to hear that war has started
or someone close has died. We fear it could be us.

But then comes the morning!  We're alive!!
A new child is born somewhere at daybreak
and our ears are set to hear some joyful news!
That long awaited phone call comes 
a friend is at our doorstep,
a note arrives to say "I'm sorry".  
The blessed light brings hope.

The God who loves us 
guides the boat of our souls in the dark
while we sleep and drop the oars.
A new day breaks filled with possibilities 

and we're reborn to live another day.

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