Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rim of Gold (revised)


At the edge of my body lies a rim of gold.
I am encased in light and alive within my soul ~
my soul that holds me close and remembers who I am.

My feet may touch the earth, but the crown
of my head points to where I came from.
I am here to learn from this beautiful earth
and from those who walk beside me. And as I do,
the sky receives the rays of my eternal soul ~
the Thread of my Connection.

When I leave this place, I will shed my skin like an overcoat,
my bones will turn to ash, but I will step out into forever
with all my colors shining, and my true heart ablaze
and ready for the ride back home.

There they will know me, and greet me like a new born child
arrived with gifts wrapped in my swaddling clothes
and I will hand them all the earthly pearls
God’s blessed grace bestowed.

Joanne Cucinello   2017

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